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Quest Experience

This year we have two unique questing experiences you can choose from: 

Investigation - $15 

Help the Council of Sovereigns solve the mystery of the Cult of the Seen by working with the merchants of the faire, performers, and mythical beings to solve riddles and follow the clues to uncover the secrets of the Watchers and help the Guilds restore peace and order to the realm. 

Combat Training - $15

Take aim, swing, and throw various weapons across the faire with the combat training quest! Train with Knights, practice your archery, and throw some axes while leveling up your combat skills to be of service should the Council of Sovereigns need to call upon new champions to defend the realm. 

Both - $25

Complete both the Investigation quest and the combat training quest and get two rewards.



Guild Descriptions:
Caverns and Campfires takes place in a land known as Lycon, following the exploits of the guilds and groups that make up the Council of Sovereigns, and the lands they control, and seek to control. Currently the Council is made of the leaders of five major guilds:

The Jubilant Jamboree -- A guild of performers and entertainers -- diverse, unique, and exceptional individuals showcasing talents and skills of all kinds while entertaining the crowds of commoners and royal courts alike. Motto: The show always goes on.

The Venture Society -- Explorers’ guild focused on discovering long forgotten treasures and ancient secrets in the most obscure and unexplored regions. Motto: Explore the unknown to acquire the unfathomed.

The Conclave -- Academics and seekers of forbidden wisdom both seek refugee in the library walls of the Conclave, where knowledge, ancient and foundational, is guarded by archivists, scholars, and curators. Motto: Seek knowledge of all that can be perceived.

The Hidden Thicket -- A guild focused on the transportation of goods and power with an unrivaled network of couriers, ambassadors, and spies involved in every aspect of the public and private life of Lycon. Motto: Deep are the roots that connect us all.

The Mistbourne -- Enforcers of order throughout the realm, this guild keeps order in the public eye while confronting and containing unexplainable threats to the citizens of the territories protected by the Council.Motto: Fortify the walls. Maintain the boundaries. Contain the threat.


Caverns and Campfires

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quest and why should I do one?

The Caverns and Campfires questing experience adds an interactive layer to your faire experience by making you part of the story. Our quests will have you interacting with fairies, testing your combat skills in the fight pit, solving puzzles, and delivering treasure to dragons among other things. After completing your quests you will be rewarded with a special Quest Reward Item, to commemorate your accomplishments!


How long will the questing experience take?

Our quests are designed to be done as you travel throughout the faire, so that you can complete them at your own pace, however if you wanted to focus on the questing experience, 2 or 3 hours should be enough to complete all your objectives.


How do I pick my quest?

Adventurers will attend a questing orientation (held every hour at the top of the hour at the Guild Hall) where they will receive their Quest Scroll. This will list ALL our quests, and you can complete as many or as few of them as you would like, but the more you complete, the better the reward when you turn it in!


Is it a solo adventure or for groups?

Caverns and Campfires can be completed as a lone adventurer or in a group with friends, even your non-questing friends can help you out, but you only get one Quest Reward Item per ticketed adventurer. 


What ages are the quests for?

Caverns and Campfires is designed to appeal to a wide age range - if you have ever enjoyed a fantasy based video game or movie then you will enjoy our quests! Although intended to attract an older crowd, children ages 10-15 are more than capable of completing our quests, although they may need a little adult supervision and help with some parts. 


ADA Compliant?

We offer a variety of tasks and quest objectives in the Caverns and Campfires experience and all of them may not be suitable for all people, although the vast majority of experiences are low-strain, non-speed dependent, and non-contact. Some combat based experiences may not be suitable for some Adventurers however you will never be penalized for not completing a quest you do not safely feel you can complete. 


How much does the questing experience cost?

A ticket to participate in all Caverns and Campfires events throughout the faire is only $15, and upon completion of your adventure each participant receives an exclusive Quest Reward Item. 


Am I required to dress up in costume?

Adventurers may wear whatever garb they would like, but we do encourage dressing in a general fantasy theme to help with the immersion aspect of the game.


What if I can’t complete a quest?

The Caverns and Campfires experience is what you make of it. There are over a dozen different tasks and objectives, and you may complete as many or as few as you would like. Of course the more objectives you complete, the more spectacular your Quest Reward Item will be!


What if I don’t turn in my Quest Scroll?

You MUST turn in your Quest Scroll at the Guild Hall in order to get your Quest Reward Item and for us to track your progress in our system. Caverns and Campfires will be at other Upstate Renaissance Faire events as well as other faires across the southeast in the future, and we would like to record your progress within our system so you can Level Up at future events. 


What if I lose my scroll?

***Do NOT lose your Quest Scroll*** If this unfortunate event happens to you return to the Guild Hall and turn yourself in for chastising and shaming, possible jail time, and begging a Guild Representative for forgiveness. 

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